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About Us

Nine Lives Systems Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based company providing Risk Management Software tools and services. The company has an engineering bias and has concentrated on the core, technical aspects of Risk Management.

Our solutions to your Risk Management problems

Which risks should I invest in controlling first? - health and safety, environment, business, property . . .?

The prime responsibility of any organisation is to meet its regulatory and moral obligations. Once these are met, the priorities for investment in risk control can be set by:

1) The magnitude of potential liabilities and;

2) The cost effectiveness of risk management strategies.

All risk can be measured and quantified, giving organisations the information they need to set their risk control priorities . . .

Risk assessments! . . . Risk assessments! . . .Risk assessments! Paper chase or useful tool?

Risk assessment processes can be designed to supplement and add value to existing quality processes . . . CASE STUDY

Risk assessments can be designed so that they do not cover the same ground over and over again. Take for example the famous widget machine. Plant, hazardous substance, dangerous goods, manual handling, reliability and property risk assessments need to be carried out on the machine. Alternatively you could integrate and build on all of these processes . . .

Line Managers - Do you barely keep your head above water meeting output and quality targets?

Risk management systems need to be designed by people who have an appreciation of job demands at the coal-face.

They must be seen as useful tools for protecting workers, their colleagues and the environment, not additional burdens. . .

Litigation, Industrial Manslaughter & Licensing - How do I demonstrate due diligence in the management of my workplace risks?

Our society is becoming increasingly litigious. Greater personal responsibility is being placed onto senior executives for the health and safety of their workers. Stringent licensing requirements have been introduced for hazardous facilities.

All of this is compounded by a movement away from prescriptive legislation towards a regime of self regulation. Employers must now not only manage their operations safely, but must also be able to demonstrate that they manage safely . . .

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