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Franã§ais english access people publications job opportunities authentification webmail intranet home news-seminars actualitã©s organization direction organization chart info-team industry partnerships people maps - contact research activities research teams software publications patents / start-ups job opportunities permanent positions thesis, masters, internship other positions educational programs doctoral studies master studies on line training home image and simulation guided radiation therapy activities new radiotherapy techniques such as ion beam therapy improve patient-specific treatments with a better conformation to the target and less dose to organs at risk. download natural viagra viagra online These improvements can enable new treatment strategies, e. http://classicmotocrossimages.com/mbs-order-cheap-viagra-online-jt/ Black actress viagra commercial G. cheap viagra 5mg viagra price drop , hypo-fractionated radiotherapy. classicmotocrossimages.com/mbs-uk-viagra-sales-yg/ best natural substitute for viagra They also give rise to several major challenges, among which the fast and accurate calculation of the biological dose (required for treatment planning) and precise advanced image guiding techniques (for planning, patient positioning, and online treatment monitoring). online generic viagra generic viagra us pharmacy   our activity is concentrated on two axes: simulation for treatment planning, monitoring and imaging in radiation therapy, with a focus on ion beam therapy and monte-carlo simulation, image-guided radiation therapy (igrt), with a focus on lung, prostate and liver cancers. buying viagra online new zealand cheap viagra overnight Our publications can be found here, here, here and here. viagra price drop viagra from cananda without prescription Simulations in radiation therapy simulation for ion beam therapy: our aim is to develop a reference simulation platform within the opengate international collaboration, based on the gate/geant4 monte carlo code, and to address several important research issues raised by ion beam therapy: accurate calculation of the biological dose based on a realistic description of the radiation quality in highly heterogeneous media (ct patient description) inverse planning in intensity modulated particle therapy (requires fast dose calculation) prediction of the secondary radiation detectable outside the patient during the treatment for in vivo online monitoring (required for developing online monitoring systems). viagra cost at costco Although some expertise already exists in germany and japan as regards the two first issues, the field is still very far from being thoroughly explored. cheapest viagra canada The last issue is almost completely new. Express viagra online 8080 Our strength lies in our experience with several complementary algorithmic approaches: analytical (fast), monte carlo (detailed and accurate but slow) and hybrid (an original concept consisting in combining the advantages of analytical and monte carlo calculations). Significance bathtub viagra commercials We are involved in several projects related to this research axis: partner and envision (fp7), gamhadron, hgate and prouesse (anr). viagra price drop Image-guided radiation therapy image-guided radiotherapy. generic viagra shipped from us generic viagra trusted pharmacy Risk Management Strategists

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