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Nine Lives Manual Handling Calculator - Overview

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Manual Handling Calculator is an electronic calculator based on the Revised 1991 NIOSH Lifting Equation developed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. This risk assessment method is referenced in Appendix 3 of the Victorian Manual Handling Code of Practice No.25, 2000.

The Manual Handling Calculator is guaranteed to run on any system that is using Windows 98 or above.

The software is designed to:

  • Calculate a Recommended Weight Limit

  • Calculate Lifting Index

  • Produce a record of the calculation

  • Provide a user friendly interface
  • What's special about Nine Lives Manual Handling Calculator?
    It includes simplified calculations - pictorial representations (see above) of manual handling risk factors

    It includes a printable report that can be used as a record of the calculation

    It has been developed by users.

    Manual Handling Calculator Features

    Easy-to-use interface

    The interface has been developed for ease and intuitive calculations by both professional ergonomists and shop floor practitioners.

    Easy to understand calculations

    The Nine Lives Manual Handling Calculator provides two different methods for calculating a Recommended Weight Limit:

    Exact Calculation - The user enters specific values for horizontal location, vertical location, frequency of lifts, etc.

    General Approximation - If a general approximation is required the user may choose from one of three pictures that approximate the value of the risk variable. The corresponding value for the risk variable is then displayed to the user.

    Printable Report

    The summary report provides a record of the calculation and includes all the variables used for deriving the calculation. Any assumptions can also be recorded and printed on the report.

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