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Risk Manager - Features



Company Registers:
Assets May be imported from electronic files
Chemicals Specify Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Substances, National Pollution Inventory
Personnel Link to existing electronic systems
Processes Operating Procedures, Work Instructions, etc.
Existing Risk Controls Purpose, Parameters, Performance

Hazard Records:
Hazard Mechanisms Can be tailored by the user. Includes all types of risk
Link hazards to work processes Generate reports of hazards associated with work processes
Link hazards to existing risk controls Establish degree of reliance on existing risk controls
Link hazards to management systems Records the management system that first identified the hazard
Archive function Archived items can be viewed
Review function Tracks risk control activities - unlimited number of reviews
Multiple hazard risk control actions Unlimited number of actions to control each hazard
Action abort function Actions can be aborted and replaced with new actions
Hazard status To be completed, In progress, Complete, Aborted
Responsible personnel/completion dates Due dates for actions
Assessment team members Record personnel conducting the risk assessment or review

Risk Assessment:
Choice of Rapid Risk Calculator Nine Lives Risk Calculator or AS4360 Matrix
Detailed risk assessment Quantify risk in dollar terms
Risk control Payback period calculation Calculate pay back period based on detailed risk assessment
Reports: .
Report design function Apply a range of filters and sorting of data and selection of report type
Template Generation To retain frequently used report designs
List function with export Manipulate data in Microsoft Excel
Sorting and filtering Most Fields
Microsoft Access report Plug-In Access to tables for customising reports in Microsoft Access
Tools: .
Specify Hazard Mechanisms .
Manual Handling Calculator NIOSH revised lifting equation
Security Specify Users and Groups

Management Systems:

Plug-In functionality .

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