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Risk Manager - Management Systems

Management Systems are purchased as 'plug-ins' to Nine Lives Risk Manager.

Most organisations manage risk through discrete Management Systems. Essentially, Management Systems are designed to identify and capture organisational hazards and to manage the associated risk control activities.

Management Systems could include systems such as:

Accident/Incident Reporting
Hazard Report
Workplace Inspections
Insurance Audits
Underwriter Audits
Plant Risk Assessments
Manual Handling Risk Assessments
Process Hazard Analysis
Environmental Audits

Risk Management Systems frequently overlap, however historically such systems have been implemented by discrete areas of the business. Consequently, the management of individual hazards may be fragmented and may involve considerable duplication of effort.

By recording all of the organisation's hazards within Nine Lives Risk Manager, risk management activities that are common to multiple Management Systems are not duplicated.

For example, an Environmental Management System may identify a gas escape hazard with environmental impacts. The same gas escape hazard may also have safety repercussions and be identified through the Plant Risk Assessment.

Management Systems are continuously under development as modular plug-ins to Nine Lives Risk Manager. These Systems are designed to share hazard information and unify the management of risk.

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