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Risk Manager - Overview

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Nine Lives Risk Manager is a software tool for identifying, recording, assessing and tracking hazards. The system was developed over a period of 10 years by risk engineering practitioners. It was designed originally as a risk assessment and reporting tool. Over the decade it has evolved through practical application, to meet the needs of clients and the changing regulatory environment, into a tool for the identification, assessment, control and tracking of hazards.

Nine Lives Risk Manager incorporates a process of reviews, which enable the monitoring and tracking of risk control activities. In the event of an accident therefore, the organisation can demonstrate due diligence in the management of its risks.

It is common practice for organisations to manage risk through risk management systems. For example:

Risks to personnel are managed through Safety Management Systems
Risks to the environment are managed through Environmental Management Systems
Major risks are managed through Safety Case or Safety and Operating Plan
Risks resulting in lost production or property are managed through Loss Assessments

The only thing that distinguishes between these different risks is the outcome. Any hazard may have multiple outcomes and therefore be common to the range of risk management systems.

Nine Lives Risk Manager provides a mechanism for collecting, integrating and sharing hazard information between risk management systems.

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