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Risk Manager - Specifications

Nine Lives Risk Manager has been developed in three versions:

1. Single User: This version has all of the functionality of the Multi-User version, however it can only be installed on one PC.
2. Multi-User: This version has been designed to operate over a wide area network.
3. Multi-Client: The Multi-Client version has the functionality to generate separate databases for each client. If the database is retained on the client's server, it is possible to access the database across the Web. In this way you may manage your client's data remotely.

Multi-User and Multi-Client licences may be purchased for any number of concurrent users. There is no restriction on the number of computers that the software is installed, however the concurrent access by users to Nine Lives Risk Manager will be restricted by the number of licences.

System Requirements:

The Nine Lives Risk Manager database engine is the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE), which runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and later and is incorporated in the Nine Lives Risk Manager software installation. MSDE supports up to 5 concurrent users. For larger numbers of concurrent users, Microsoft SQL Server (or compatible) licence will be required.

Hardware Requirements:

Minimum -

Alpha AXP, Intel or compatible platform
Pentium 166 MHz or higher
71-79 MB hard disk space

Recommended -

Pentium III processor (500 MHz or faster)
128 MB of RAM

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