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Power Station Major Risk Assessment

As part of its risk management strategy, a major energy corporation wished to identify all of the significant risks that affected its ability to generate power within an existing coal fired power station. The study concentrated on loss of generation and property loss. Risks were first identified through a number of risk workshops and a qualitative, Rapid Risk Ranking was applied to each of the identified risks. Risks identified as Significant and High were then quantified, using the power stationís own equipment failure data as well as generic failure data.

Nine Lives Risk Manager was used for recording and tracking the risk assessment process. Nine Lives Risk Manager incorporates a quantitative risk calculator for estimating expected normal losses and expected maximum losses for each identified risk event and on an annualised basis. The calculator also estimates payback periods for selected risk controls. Prioritised Risk Management Plans were developed and documented through Risk Manager.

Integrating Safety, Environment and Quality Systems

A small logistics site, which had already attained Quality Accreditation decided to develop Safety Management Systems that would enable it to attain accreditation to SafetyMAP, the Victorian WorkCover authorityís safety auditing system. In order to ensure that it met legislative compliance in relation to occupational health and safety risk assessments, a risk assessment quality procedure was developed. The quality procedure for recording non-conformance incidents was also expanded to incorporate safety incidents. Attached to these processes was a Hazard Report.

The company also implemented a Nine Lives Risk Manager for recording and monitoring the Hazard Reports. In order to develop safe operating procedures reports were generated from the risk assessments recorded in the system, then appended to the relevant Work Instructions contained within the existing quality system.

Integrating Risk Assessment Processes

Within every organisation there exists a population of hazards that must be managed. A Hazardous substances risk assessment will identify some of the Population of Hazards. A Plant risk assessment may identify more of the population of hazards, however there may be areas of overlap. For example where a hazardous substance is used in conjunction with the operation of a piece of plant or equipment, this should be identified through both the hazardous substance and the plant risk assessments.

Each risk assessment method provides more information about the population of hazards however it also creates more areas of overlap. This overlap leads to duplication of effort and inconsistencies.

Nine Lives has developed Risk Manager Management System Plug-ins for recording risk assessments and sharing the relevant information between the various risk assessment processes. In this way there is no duplication of hazard records or risk control activities.

Hazard Identification and Safety Assessment for a Major Hazard Facility

A hazard identification and safety assessment procedure, supported by the Nine Lives Risk Manager database system, was developed for implementation at a Major Hazard Facility. The core safety assessment involved the analysis of plausible major incident scenarios, including the identification of potential hazards and an assessment of the risk. Nine Lives assisted by facilitating hazard identification and safety assessment workshops. Input from the operational personnel was an integral part of the process.

The procedure previously in use at the site involved a rigidly applied process for hazard identification and safety assessment, and a system of hyperlinked word documents for recording the process. Operational personnel expressed their concerns regarding the inflexibility of the process and the complexity of the recording system.

Nine Lives Risk Manager was well received by operators and used to demonstrate compliance with the relevant sections of the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety (Major Hazard Facilities) Regulations 2000.

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