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Software Services

Nine Lives Systems Pty Ltd provides a number of support services for the implementation and management of your Nine Lives Risk Manager system. These are designed to ensure that your system is tailored to suit your business needs and that your employees are trained and competent. Importantly, these services are delivered by risk management practitioners based in Australia.


A Maintenance Agreement makes your organisation eligible for:
System implementation
Telephone support 8:30AM to 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday
Alternatively, support time may be charged at an hourly rate and upgrades can be purchased.

Nine Lives Systems can also provide valuable support in the implementation of your Nine Lives Risk Manager. We can help to set your system up in ways that make the transfer from your existing systems as seamless as possible.


Nine Lives Systems can provide the same team that developed the software to customise your software to meet the specific needs of your organisation. However, we believe that the design of Nine Lives Risk Manager is sufficiently flexible to avoid the need to customise the software. This means that the purchaser is not hit with additional development costs and software upgrades are readily available.


Training services cover the range of risk management activities, including the implementation and maintenance of Nine Lives Risk Manager:
Risk Management
Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Risk Control
Implementing and using Nine Lives Risk Manager
The training services can be delivered at your premises or in specially designed, off-site training facilities.

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